Forza Horizon

Developing Forza Horizon in association with Turn10 and Microsoft Game Studios.

Duties included white boxing, track design, asset creation and scene optimisation. Working with a team, I was responsible for track surface texturing, scene composition and world building a number of areas within the map. This included managing and optimising the games feature area, the festival.

Forza Horizon – Rally Pack DLC

I was responsible for the feature rally route shown in the DLC announcement where my duties were to design, create and optimise this route.

Additional responsibilities include the creation of the DLC’s menu background.

Ben wilson rally 05
Ben wilson e3route 01
Ben wilson e3route 02
Ben wilson e3route 03
Ben wilson rally 04
Ben wilson rally 03
Ben wilson rally 01
Ben wilson rally 02
Ben wilson festival 01
Ben wilson festival 02
Ben wilson festival 03
Ben wilson festival 04
Ben wilson mountains 01
Ben wilson mountains 02
Ben wilson redrock 01
Ben wilson redrock 02
Ben wilson redrock 04
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