Stone Layering Generator Tutorial Series

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A few months back I made a blog post about a stone layering node I was working on and many have shown an interest for a tutorial or to release the source. So i've done both! If your not familiar with it, check it out here

I didn't want to just make another breakdown, but instead a fully voiced over tutorial series from start to finish. The main focus of the series is on generator design and good working practices, but will cover topics ranging from the FXMap to the Pixel Processor and all the details of how I created the node. This series is aimed for intermediate users and viewers should have a good understanding of UI and most nodes. As an added bonus, I also included the height blended node featured in my GDC presentation.

The images you see here are from an example supplied with the source to illustrate how the node works.

Stone Layering Generator - Tutorial Series - Preview