Substance Designer - Graph Optimization Plugin

Currently supported versions:
Substance Designer 2019.1.0 +
This plugin automates some of the typical graph optimizations and clean up tasks that artists do when working with Designer. It is fully integrated into the main UI and is designed to reduce the repetitive grunt work for you.

Please contact me is you have any questions or to report bugs! Thanks for the support

Ben wilson optimizegraph duplicatecompnodes

Automatically detect, delete and reconnect duplicate nodes.

Ben wilson optimizegraph duplicatechaincompnodes

Understands duplicate node chains and recognizes unique ones.

Ben wilson optimizegraph uniformcolornodes

Downscale and remove duplicate color nodes.

Ben wilson optimizegraph ignorealphablendnodes

Optimize Alpha Blending for blend nodes.

Ben wilson optimizegraph fullgraph

Run on a selection or the entire graph.