80.lv Interview - Breakdown of Samorost/Machinarium Fan Art

Read the breakdown here:

80.lv interviewed me about my experience and how I went about creating this fan art piece. I had blogged most of the development process previously, so for this interview, I go much further into particular set ups and composition. Here is a snippet of what you can expect and I hope you enjoy the ramblings. Thank you for reading!

Ben wilson website grab
Ben wilson blockout

We talk a little about the blocking out phase

Ben wilson lighting 4 keylights

Going through the lighting phase

Ben wilson composition secondarylines

We cover how assets were made to support composition

Ben wilson composition mianlineofmotion

How the assets were also designed to drive a main line of motion

Ben wilson designer materials callout

Breaking down what materials were authored for what purpose

Ben wilson roots sculpt

We discuss how some assets were built

Ben wilson berta painter

Discussing how the characters were textures

Ben wilson rig 1

And how they were posed ingame

Ben wilson 3material blend maps

We also cover a bit of material set up