Blurring Filters - Substance Designer Nodes

Supported Versions: 13.0.2 and onwards!

A group of Substance Designer nodes to perform blurring operations. Includes a Median Filter and Bilaterial Filter. A standard gaussian filter is included in the package primarily as a learning resource.

Median Blur - In contrast to a regular blur, which uses a weighted average of neighbors and tends to blur edges in addition to reducing noise, A median blur replaces each pixel with the median of its neighbors. This makes it highly effectively at removing salt and pepper type noise.

Bilaterial Blur - Similar to a regular blur, but also considers the intensities of neighboring pixels. This allows it to preserve edge detail by blurring only regions where the color information is similar.

The follow images show a before and after combining both a median and bilaterial blur to an image. These allow for very effective noise removal while also persevering geometric details such as edges.

These images are examples of how the parameters of a bilaterial blur affect the image. When detail is 0, it is very similar to a regular gaussian blur.

Because the median blur is replacing pixel values, rather than averaging them, it is very effective at removing salt and pepper noise or 'dead' pixels form an image. The node offers a 3x3 and 5x5 kernal size.

For the sake of completeness, a gaussian blur is included. This can be used as a learning resource. These images also show serve as a comparison to how a typical blur works.