bwTools v 1.3 release - New plugin - PBR Color Chart

General / 30 April 2020

Hey folks!

I have released version 1.3 of bwTools and it includes a new plugin! A pbr color chart. People who have already purchased the tools can get the new update for free on my store 

This update is only compatible with Designer version 2020.1.1+ !!!

This plugin is a convenient PBR color chart built directly into Designer. It provides various pbr values, based on DONTNOD, to quickly and easily reference without the need to having a downloaded color chart opened in windows. 

It is always displayed ontop of the designer viewport, making it easy to color pick from

Swatches are select-able, drag-able and hide the UI to allow for easy comparison with your texture. Simply click and drag over the 2d view to compare values directly.

Up to 10 custom colors are supported. You can edit the colors and name as needed

Full documentation can be found 

Thanks for the support and stay safe!