Substance Manager Tool - Progress

General / 01 September 2018

Over time my library of substance nodes and folder structure has grown into a mess. So iv been building a tool around the Automation Toolkit to manage this and organize everything from one place. For those who are unfamiliar with it, the Automation Toolkit is a set of Python tools from Allegorithmic to manipulate substance files, and well, its pretty awesome.

My tool is still heavily wip and missing many features but here is my progress so far. On the left, it reads a project directory, listing all sbs and sbsar files in that directory. And then on the right, you can read and view the content of a file, displaying all the graphs, attributes, resources and dependencies

 I messed up the recordings a little and don't have a mouse cursor, but you get the idea.

The tool also lets me move any substance files from one location to another, bringing along any source data it finds with it as well as searching the entire project and updating any files which might have used the moved substance.

How does it know what source data to look for? Well at the start of this, most of my substance files were in folders like this.

I got all sorts of junk here, all in one folder, what a mess. So I wrote a converter to take all this stuff and organize it neatly, with _source folder for every substance. Thats what the tool looks for when moving files

The tool also allows for relocating of resources and dependencies. You can either manually search for the path, or have the tool try to automatically find the missing dependencies for you. If it finds more than one potential match, it will ask you to choose one.

You can also search through the entire project to find out where and which files are using a given substance

Hope you all like it so far!