Lets Do A Mentorship!

General / 14 September 2020

Hey all!

I have joined forces with Jeremy and crew to offer mentorships in all things material art! Check it out on the new and swish https://www.dinustyempire.com/mentorships/ben-wilson website =D

Over the last few years, iv dipped into making breakdowns, video tutorials and providing feedback to folk, and while I really enjoy this, its hard to provide anything meaningful through these short interactions. So my hope with these mentorships are to provide dedicated one on one time with artists to really dive into their work and spend quality time with them.

The goal is to focus around material art and the Substance tools, generally aimed at students or junior level artists (although this is not a requirement) and provide feedback, guidance and support. The type of artist I envision getting the most out of the mentorship are those looking to improve their portfolio or really solidify their understanding of Substance; Whether this is simple feedback or portfolio reviews, through to developing a clean work methodology and even programming with the API.

We decided to provide an additional offering outside of a full mentorship, as we know sometimes people just want a session or two of dedicated feedback and not pay for a full mentorship. So this is what the crash course is for.

Of course there are many fantastic artists offering mentorships now, so I hope these offerings don't get lost in the wind. But either way, I want to open up my time as another option for artists to improve.

I hope to work with you soon!