Lets Talk Color Pickers - Part 3

General / 16 December 2020

Well its been over 2 years (!) since I last posted about color pickers. If you didn't see it, I developed a node to provide a procedural way of producing color variation given a single color picker. Take a look here. I did give a talk on the specific inner workings of the node and Ubisoft was kind enough to let me release that video to the public. So if your interested in how that node was put together, watch it here.

Since then, I have gotten some great feedback and it has seen some extensive real world testing. Finally, I found some free time to address the points raised.

So what has changed? As a brief overview the node now has:

> Supports harmonic color schemes <
> Sample counts and seed values have been decoupled from one another <
> Seed values range range from 0 - 50 <
> Added hue variation amount slider <

The node has been split into 4 dedicated nodes, one to handle value variation, another hue, the original node (named basic) and a new one which supports harmonic color schemes.

The harmonic version, lets you choose between 5 different color harmony schemes and will generate variation in those colors.

Of course, the above is an extreme example to highlight the different modes, but you can keep the colors as subtle as you need.

All the old settings are still available. You can choose to preserve saturation and add random hue variation onto this as before. But sample count and seed values have been decoupled for all nodes. Meaning, you will no longer lose the value variation you were happy with, when changing the hue's seed values, and visa versa. 

Seed values are now integers ranging from 0 - 50 which hopefully brings it more inline with what the slider should be doing. Previously, there were a total of 100 possible increment values, which made the slider feel too sensitive and difficult to cycle through. There should be plenty of possible seeds to pick from still, but it wont be so difficult using the slider anymore.

In addition to this, I have documented the node with examples to show precisely what it does and how to make the most of it. Be sure to check out the update on my store!