Electric Dreams | UE5 GDC 2023

I had the pleasure to work on the Electric Dreams demo for the 2023 GDC. I was brought on for a short period to offer material and shader support, where my responsibilities included setup of dynamic blending materials and their supporting textures. I worked along side the main environment teams responding to feedback and iterating on shader setups to achieve a flexible and robust blending system. All texture work utilized Megascans data heavily, proceduralizing where appropriate. Albedo work was setup to be procedural, offering easier iteration and flexibility in responding to feedback and the ability to create efficient blending masks. The images shown here consist of one blending material and texture set shared across a range of assets, designed to dynamically react to the environment around. The work the team did here is incredible and I am constantly impressed with their output. While my contribution was small, I am very honored to have been part of it. It is not possible to list everyone involved in the project but I would like to call out these members for their incredible work:
Daniel Woje
Wiktor Öhman
Jakob Keudel
Galen Davis
Marien Elalaoui
Nils Arenz
Jean-Sebastien Guay
Wyeth Johnson
Jeff Farris
Richard Ugarte
Jack McKelvie
Mathew O'Halloran
Isac Crafoord
... and many more
You can find the project for download here: